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Open Letter from Malartic Resident to City Council


On March 15, Diane Gagnon, resident of Malartic, Quebec, read an Open Letter to our City Council . Her town has the largest open-pit gold mine next to a city in Canada. The mine has been operating for 5 years and is causing all kinds of problems. Gagnon and 700 residents are bringing a class action suit against the company this spring. She invited members of our Council to visit Malartic to see the effects and to talk with residents. Our Council voted in favour of this plan. To read her Open Letter to our City Council, click here.


KGHM AJAX, A Mine Too Close


The Kamloops Area Preservation Association (KAPA) is not opposed to any economic activity which conforms with the city's promoted image as a healthy place in which to live, surrounded by a beautiful environment. KAPA is opposed to the location of the proposed KGHM Ajax copper/gold mine.

KAPA is opposed to this massive development for the following reasons, and many more:

  • it will be a huge, noisy, dusty open pit operation within 1.4 kilometres of the nearest  residences, and 2 kilometres from the nearest elementary school. 
  • within six kilometres, downwind and downslope of the perimeter of the proposed Ajax mine are 8 elementary schools, 4 high schools, 4 senior citizen’s residences, one hospital (Royal Inland), and one university (Thompson Rivers). 
  • about 90,000 people could be exposed to the toxic dust (containing arsenic, lead, aluminum and much more) which will inevitably blow over the city. 
  • the use of 15 billion litres of water per year will create haze and fog over the city, and could well increase the water table and land slippage problems at Aberdeen.
  • the devastating impact the mine would have on local ranchers, some of whom have lived here for generations. 
  • the probability of long-term pollution of the Thompson River.

We believe that the long-term economic future of Kamloops does not lie in the development of an open pit mine which, in 23 years, provided copper prices remain high, will close, leaving behind a devastated landscape, a negative impact on airshed quality, a badly damaged tourism industry and ruined ranchers.

This web site contains a great deal of accurate information on this project. Please take the time to read it, and send us your comments. better yet, give us your support.

To find out more or to help support our cause, email: info@stopajaxmine.ca

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June 24, 2014 - Feedback on KGHM-Ajax Open House


Community Talk on the Proposed Ajax Mine, Part 1 of 4. ( Run time 15 minutes). Dr. R. Schemenauer speaking on air-quality information at a community gathering on the proposed Ajax Mine .

Community Talk on the Proposed Ajax Mine, Part 2 of 4. (Run time 15 minutes). Dr. Calder speaking for Kamloops Physicians for a Healthy Environment Society on health concerns and air-quality information at a community gathering on the proposed Ajax mine .

Community Talk on the Proposed Ajax Mine, Part 3 of 4. (Run time 9:23 minutes). Dr. P. Tsigaris speaking on economic and employment concerns regarding air quality information and the benefits of an alternative path for Kamloops at a community gathering on the proposed Ajax Mine.

Community Talk on the Proposed KGHM Ajax Mine, part 4 of 4 (Run time 11:27 minutes). Tony Brumell speaks about some of the various stages that a mine must deal with during its lifetime at a community gathering on the proposed KGHM Ajax Mine.

BC's Gold Rush-Era Mining Laws have Favoured the Mines. (Run time 5 minutes) The Mineral Tenure Act needs to be revised so that communities adjacent to proposed mines must be consulted before mineral tenure can be granted.

Is This the Future of Kamloops? (Run time --28:48 minutes) With a mine on our doorstep, what would we have to look forward to?

The Ajax Mine and Your Health. (Run Time â 50 minutes) Dr. Brian Moench, is President of "Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment". His medical expertise has been an essential component in the struggle to make Rio Tinto address the serious consequences of the mine pollution it produces. He discusses the medical research regarding air pollution and its effects on the functioning of the human brain, lungs and heart

Physicians Brochure

The Kamloops Physicians for a Healthy Environment has produced a great brochure that covers a lot of potential health risks of this mine, and it includes references as well. Click here to download it and share with your friends.